Step by step

Caramelise the onion with a little brown sugar, salt, a dash of oil and a few drops of water

Add, if you wish, a few chopped walnuts and a drizzle of oil. If you prefer, add some mustard mayonnaise with a little truffle oil – it will give a very distinctive touch to your bread roll. If you don’t like hot sandwiches you can eat it cold, just as it is before putting it in the oven. However, bear in mind that the heat tends to soften the cheese and to enhance the flavours, so this sandwich is much better warmed.
In Belgium one typically has a single large meal in the evening. During the day, however, it’s more likely that you will eat something on-the-go, whilst out of the house. It’s an attractive habit because you not only enjoy excellent local cuisine, but also socialize a little. The Belgian sandwich is the perfect expression of this typical Belgian custom.


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