Italian Regions

One of the most representative aspects of the charm and attractiveness of our beautiful country is its gastronomy which, region by region, is capable of giving a triumph of tastes, aromas and inspirations that are absolutely unique in their kind. We are talking about a decidedly heterogeneous culinary heritage in which lovers of good food love to wander: from north to south, in fact, Italy offers a wide range of recipes that include ingredients and raw materials of great value, usually locally produced, as protagonists. We think of the Abruzzo truffles, the Piedmontese rice, the extraordinary fish that is found in the southern regions as well as the very fragrant mushrooms available in the mountain areas, and then again the Mediterranean flavors that the whole world envies us, from the fabulous citrus fruits to the intoxicating aromatic herbs that grow wild on so much of our beautiful peninsula. Navigate region by region to discover the Italian gastronomic peculiarities, and get involved too in the realization of regional menus of deliciously home-made inspiration.