Step by step

The cockerel stuffed with salt-preserved citrus fruit is ready: the flavour will stupefy you with its full-bodied freshness

Recipes prepared with salt, and roasted in the oven, are often suitable if you are a novice in the kitchen and inviting someone special to dinner. All you have to do is stuff the cockerel, cover it with coarse salt, and roast.
Cooking with salt is, together with using ash, clay or foil, one of the oldest and at the same time healthiest cooking methods. Did you know that back in 230 A.D. the writer Apicius in his ‘De Re Coquinaria’ talked about cooking with salt. So, a cooking method that after more than two thousand years has still not gone out of fashion, and which is still loved by everyone from housewives to Michelin starred chefs. Why? Cooking meat, fish or vegetables in salt preserves the nutritional properties of the food without having to add any fat at all. In short, loads of taste, low in fat for a top notch result.


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