Step by step

Cook the ossobuco in the stock with the vegetables on a low flame, adding stock and water as necessary

To make a proper ossobucco, buy only the rear part of the tibia of the calf.
Ossobuco is one of those recipes that has made history in Italian gastronomy, and is one of the most loved, cooked and imitated all over the world. Its story seems to be a relatively recent one, dating back to the 1800s, but its reputation is beyond question. This is because it is a relatively cheap dish, it’s good for you, not very difficult to make, and above all it is a meal in itself, especially when served with a risotto or polenta. So this is a dish for the whole family, and is most likely well-known abroad because it was taken there with Italian emigrant families. In 1891 the famous chef Pellegrino Artusi included the recipe in his famous cookery book ‘Kitchen Science and the Art of Eating Well’.