Step by step

Prepare all the ingredients: 3 eggs (we will use only the yolks), 3 level tablespoons sugar, 3 tablespoons of cornflour, 500g of milk

To get the right shape of a the classic doughnut equip yourself with a star nozzle and piping bag. It’s easy to buy a disposable bag of this kind, convenient for this purpose. In this recipe the pastry bag will also be useful to garnish the doughnut with crema at the end. The visual effect will be wonderful your guests will be amazed by the beauty of this enjoyable confection. Garnish your doughnuts just before serving so that they remain as crisp as when just cooked. Take care to cool the custard in a glass bowl with cling film so as not to develop an unpleasant skin.
To garnish the doughnuts it is common to use sour cherries or the jam which derives from it. The Amareno cherry comes from the Middle East, is said to have been brought by a Roman general, Luccullo. Amareno cherries are widely used in the culinary field, and are rich in vitamins C and B. It’s also interesting to note that the stems of the fruits, when dried, are used as potent diuretics and treatment for cystitis.