Step by step

Prepare all the ingredients

To clean the squid begin by separating the head from the body. The entrails are attached to the head, and will therefore also be removed automatically. Then remove the cartilage from inside the squid. Proceed by then removing the eyes and beak. Wash the squid under running water, then, again under running water, skin it. This same technique is fine for cleaning another type of cephalod, the ‘totano’. Bear in mind, however, that the ‘totano’ has the toughest squid meat, and that if you do decide to use it, choose the smallest ones you can find. If you don’t find either type of squid, you can also make this recipe with cuttlefish - it will be equally tasty.
Squid have three hearts, all green. Two of them pump blood to the gills, while the third is responsible for circulation in the rest of the body. The squid, as well as cuttlefish and octopus, are defined as cephalopods, from the Greek ‘kephale’ and ‘pous’, meaning head and foot. The name comes from the fact that these animals have head and feet that are almost connected to each other.


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