Step by step

Here is this main course chicken dish, a specialty of Japanese cuisine

Don’t overdo the chilli: the kebabs should be spicy and aromatic, but not too hot. If you make them relatively mild you’ll also be able to give them to your children! Another tip: why not plan an entire dinner of kebabs? You can accompany your chicken kebabs with ones full of fun vegetables, and finish your dinner with a dessert of colourful fruit and chocolate kebabs. Transform a dinner invitation to one of pure fun!
In Japanese cuisine the term Yakitori refers to skewered chicken. In Japan you can find ‘standing only’ restaurants exclusively defined as "Yakitori", serving mainly chicken - and sometimes pork - in the form of marinated kebabs. The originality lies in the fact that you can choose which part of the animal you prefer, and then design kebabs consisting of just thigh, drumstick, breast or whatever.