Amaretti biscuits

Amaretti are biscuits which, according to some historians, were initially produced in Italy, around the thirteenth century, and were later spread to other Arab countries and, during the Renaissance, also throughout Europe. The origin, even within national borders, is not clear and accepted by all: according to some, they were invented in Sicily. The main variations of these biscuits, at least at an Italian level, would be those of Saronno - which sees it as more rustic and crunchy - and that of Sassello, where instead, it has been interpreted in a slightly softer form, with the consistency of marzipan.

Use in cooking

Among the various biscuits and desserts chosen at the end of the meal, amaretti are often eaten with coffee, or they are used to prepare desserts of all kinds, with fruit and chocolate in particular.


Macaroons must be stored in a dry, cool place and protected especially from sunlight.


The origin of macaroons is not as clear as it seems: these biscuits actually come from the Arab world.

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