Citron is one of the most excellent and sought-after citrus fruits, part of the Citrus family, whose flavor is very sour and also characterized by a touch of bitterness which makes it even more special than lemon: many other citrus fruits also derive from cedar which are consumed nowadays. Citron is particularly rich in vitamin C, like lemon, to which is also added a rather significant presence of potassium, where the juiciest fruit specimens are distinguished based on weight. Used both to prepare the famous drink, cedrata, and to prepare a large number of desserts, cedar is a protagonist of Italian cuisine, thanks also to the fact that it is grown in southern Italy.

Use in cooking

Although it may seem like an unusual choice, citron can be eaten as a fruit in its own right: in reality, however, it is generally used to prepare desserts or, moreover, to prepare the famous cedrata.


It is not difficult to store cedar: it can be left in a cool place for a period of a month.


Although it may seem similar to the famous conifer, the cedar is actually the fruit of a plant belonging to the citrus family.

Recipe list

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