borlotti beans

Among the healthiest and most nutritious legumes, there are undoubtedly borlotti beans, a real resource of proteins of vegetal origin which, in the past, replaced the intake deriving from the consumption of meat, particularly among those who belonged to the poorest social classes. We must never underestimate the importance of cooking when thinking about consuming beans: in fact, if they were ingested raw they would result in food poisoning, being rich in phasin, a protein that is truly toxic to the human body.

Use in cooking

Borlotti beans are perfect for preparing first courses, such as pasta with beans, or, with polenta, with risotto, or alternatively, even with meat-based dishes.


To be able to preserve borlotti beans for a long time, you can freeze them, taking care to clean them without using water.


In the past, especially among the weaker social classes, beans replaced meat due to their high protein content.

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