egg yolks

The egg yolk, also called the yolk of the egg, is the most important part of this product of animal origin: its use is more than multiple, considering that it is the basis for the preparation of many doughs or, again, it helps in breading. But the egg yolk in itself is also an excellent food, especially for the little ones, considering that it can be prepared in the form of eggnog, which is certainly a great reserve of energy, ideal for adults and children. Finally, we must not forget that the egg yolk contains most of its nutritional elements, starting from vitamins, proteins and fats.

Use in cooking

Egg yolks can be used in many different ways: they can be eaten beaten with Marsala, they are used to prepare breading, they can be cooked in a fried sauce and they are used in practically any type of dough.


Egg yolks, although it may seem like an unusual choice, can be frozen and stored this way for a year.


The egg yolk is rich in proteins, vitamins and fats: to make it coagulate, it must be cooked at 65 degrees.

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