Savoury harlequin tart

It is not always easy to get children to eat vegetables because the latter are often viewed with suspicion; neither do they always convince the more refined palates. For this reason it is very important to find recipes marked out by imagination and creativity, so that children in particular will be able to enjoy themselves as they eat. What better occasion, then, than the Carnival period for trying this wonderful harlequin tart? It is a true timeless classic, with something for everyone, especially if there are vegetarians among your guests: the secret to making it particularly enjoyable to eat is to use many different vegetables. In this way, when you come to choose your own slice of the tart, it will be a challenge to find your favourite flavours!


60 minutes Total time
40 minutes Active time
Serves 6 persons
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Roll out the shortcrust pastry and prick it with a fork. Separately peel and chop all the vegetables. Blanch the carrots, potatoes and broccoli in water. Beat the egg yolks with the ricotta and salt, adding a few tablespoons of milk if necessary: the mixture must be fluid and homogeneous, but neither too liquid nor too thick. Pour the mixture into the cake tin on top of the pastry crust; add all the vegetables and bacon arranged creatively (you can take a cue from our picture) and bake for 40 minutes at 180°C. Serve and enjoy!

This savoury harlequin tart is one of the classics of the Carnival period: you can make it with any of your favourite vegetables
According to tradition, this recipe for harlequin tart has its origins in Lazio, in particular from the Roman cuisine.

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