Lamon beans

One of the most coveted and appreciated Venetian specialties is without a doubt the famous Lamon bean from the Belluno Valley, produced in an area that includes around twenty municipalities in the province of Belluno, of which there are around four different varieties, that is, the following: Canalino, which is the rarest and at risk of extinction; Calonega, the largest of the beans; the Spagnol, with red markings and, finally, the Spagnolet which is the smallest variety of this bean. The Lamon bean, especially in ancient times, was considered a valid substitute for meat for daily nutrition, thanks to its richness in proteins.

Use in cooking

Lamon beans can be used both to prepare tasty soups and broths, together with pasta, or alternatively they can be used to prepare tasty and genuine salads.


Lamon beans can be stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks: alternatively, they can be kept in a cool, dry place for three days.


The Lamon bean is a specialty originating from Veneto, and of the latter, there are four different varieties.

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