Manitoba flour

One of the most famous and appreciated flours, among those produced starting from the gran tenero, is certainly the Manitoba flour, a specialty originating from America, and is characterized by being one of the strong flours, with a w value which stands at around 350. This flour, produced in a region of Canada inhabited at the time by the Manitoba Indians, was obtained from a particularly robust type of wheat. Among the many specialties for which this special flour is used, due to its robustness, there are panettoni, pandoro, pizzas and, finally, one of the most contemporary specialties, such as Seitan, a sort of "meat " for vegans.

Use in cooking

The use of Manitoba flour in the kitchen is generally summarized in the preparation of special doughs, such as for pizza, pandoro, panettone, or even egg pasta.


Like any flour, manitoba should also be stored in a tightly closed package, then storing it in a dry, dry and dark place.


This flour owes its name to the place where it was produced and, in turn, to the first inhabitants of this region of Canada, namely, the Manitoba tribe.

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