Béchamel is certainly the most widespread and well-known among white sauces, so much so that in England it is known by the name of white sauce. Prepared for the first time by the Marquis Louis de Béchameil, it soon became a classic of French cuisine and has therefore become famous in many parts of the world, helping to enrich dishes such as risottos, or first courses based on pasta - stuffed or less, as well as tasty second courses where vegetables, fish and meat triumph. Béchamel can also be prepared at home, using milk, butter, flour, salt and also - at discretion - nutmeg.

Use in cooking

Although it may seem like a classic in combination with stuffed pasta, in reality, béchamel is also perfect for the preparation of simple first courses, as well as for enriching vol-au-vents, second courses based on fish, meat and vegetables .


Depending on the quantity and times of use, it is possible to store the béchamel both in the refrigerator and in the freezer.


The invention of bechamel cream is due to the Marquis Louis de Béchameil, who prepared it for the first time in the sixteenth century.

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