Originally from Asia, more precisely from Sri Lanka, cinnamon is one of those ingredients between sweet and spicy that helps create the right atmosphere at home during the Christmas period, considering how it is combined in a particular way with apples, for prepare desserts of all kinds whose fragrance spreads in the air of the house. In reality, cinnamon can also be used to prepare normal dishes, beyond desserts, such as good risottos and, in particular, with meat-based dishes. Cinnamon can be used both in powder and in sticks: the latter give a more decisive and strong scent.

Use in cooking

Cinnamon represents an unusual union between spicy and sweet, which is particularly perfect in the preparation of desserts, first and second courses characterized by a sweet and sour taste.


Cinnamon sticks can be stored in the fridge, inside a freezer bag placed in the vegetable drawer, for months.


Cinnamon is not only a fine spice with a unique taste: it is also suitable for those suffering from anemia and respiratory diseases.

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