Laurel is an aromatic plant found in gardens in practically all areas with a temperate climate, and its most important characteristic is the unmistakable strong and at the same time pleasant aroma, which allows it to enrich any second course based on fish or meat, making it exclusive, especially from the moment you are preparing a stewed dish, such as sausages for example. Laurel is also widely used to treat digestive disorders, particularly using its berries, which are even more effective than the leaves.

Use in cooking

Laurel can be used to uniquely flavor first and second courses, especially meat-based ones, although in some recipes it is also ideal for fish.


The bay leaf can be preserved either inside a jar, taking care to also add some large grain salt, as it can also be frozen inside freezing bags.


Laurel is a natural remedy for a series of ailments linked to the digestive system and problems such as loss of appetite.

Recipe list