Sel du Camargue

Sel de Camargue - which is also called fleur de sel - is a raw type of salt, which is generally considered an artisanal product, since it does not undergo any type of refining as happens with the more common cooking salts: for this reason , it does not contain any type of preservative or, above all, antioxidant. Secondly, sel de Camargue is certainly softer and more crumbly than the traditional one and, thirdly, it has a decidedly more delicate flavour, which transforms it into an ideal ingredient also for the preparation of special desserts, as well as to give a A more refined touch to cocktails in which it is also necessary to add a salty touch.

Use in cooking

In particular, sel de Camargue is used in all those recipes for meat-based second courses, although it is also ideal for preparing particular cocktails.


To ensure that Sel de Camargue is always perfect for seasoning your dishes, it is essential to place it inside a container and then place it in a humidity-free, dark and cool place.


The peculiarity of sel de Camargue, also called fleur de sel, is the lower concentration of sodium chloride inside it.

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