Pork fillet in a spicy marinade

Is your passion for travel not just about finding the best places to relax and enjoy yourself, but also an opportunity to go in search of the authentic flavours of different countries, and to sample the local cuisines in all their marvellous variety? So, for example, on a trip to France you may have the opportunity to taste the specialty known as Lonzu, a sausage that is typical of Corsica, marked by a very strong flavour on account of the spices with which it is prepared. Try to imagine how you night come across such a product: in the air the smell from the cellar, typical of a grotto where the meats are hung to cure, and next to them a ceramic jug with plenty of robust wine. Starting from this typical tourist's image that leaves one to delight in what one might discover, we learnt a recipe for marinated pork tenderloin that you can enjoy with friends, maybe accompanied by some salamis or cheeses, and fresh salad.


1440 minutes Total time
Serves 3 persons
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Cover your fillet with the spices so that they adhere to its surface. In a bowl put together the coarse sea salt, the French salt and all the hand-chopped herbs. Take some Tupperware or other sealed container and filled it with two fingers’ worth of the herb-flavoured salt that you have just made. Lay the fillet on this salt and then cover it completely with the remainder. Now seal the container and leave it for half a day on a high shelf of your kitchen, so that the warmer temperature accelerates the reaction processes between meat and salt; then another leave it for another half day in the fridge to stop the reaction and preserve it from bacterial attacks. At the end of this period, remove the fillet from the container: it will be ‘cooked’ and ‘sterilized’ by the salt, and will unleash a fabulous aroma of herbs and spices! You just have to slice it, sprinkle it with oil and eat it with a slice of bread and a glass of red wine!

If you want to buy your pork fillet in advance, choose a slightly thicker cut because it will keep better: it can withstand up to six months in the freezer.
Despite the fact that pork may not seem to be the least fatty of meats, it is nevertheless the case that pork fillet comes from a particularly lean part of the animal, comparable to – as far as fat content is concerned - a chicken breast.

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