White wine vinegar

Many dishes would not have the same flavor if they could not be seasoned with white wine vinegar, perhaps produced from particular vintages of white wines, aged in barrels of fine wood: after all, vinegar is a protagonist of the Mediterranean table , and in its white wine variant it is used both in the preparation of tasty salads, as well as in second courses with red or white meats and more or less valuable fish. Vinegar is also often associated with the preparation of light dishes for those who must maintain a light diet.

Use in cooking

There are many recipes that involve the use of white wine vinegar: in principle it can be an excellent dressing for salads, after which it is perfect for preparing second courses based on meat and fish, as well as vegetables and omelettes.


To keep vinegar in perfect condition, it must be stored in a well-sealed glass container, protected from heat and light.


Another interesting use of white wine vinegar, although the latter is foreign to the kitchen, is that of a valid substitute for a large number of softeners on the market.

Recipe list