Recipes based on bucatini are typical of the city of Rome and, in general, of Lazio: this long, hollow pasta, which in some ways resembles spaghetti, is used in the town of Amatrice to prepare the timeless bucatini all'amatriciana, with the sauce and the bacon. In reality, however, bucatini can also be prepared in the cheese and pepper versions, as well as in another classic seasoning such as carbonara. Bucatini are cooked in times rather similar to those of spaghetti and, moreover, they are able to absorb the sauces in the best way, since they retain it inside them.

Use in cooking

Among the various pasta formats from Lazio and, in particular from the city of Rome, bucatini are used to create tasty first courses, seasoned with strong and genuine flavours, such as amatriciana sauce.


The bucatini must be stored in a well-sealed package, then stored in a dry, cool and dark place.


Bucatini are a type of pasta that is typical of the city of Rome, where they are prepared with delicious and simple recipes.

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