There is no mollusc more appreciated than the squid, above all by those who love to prepare unforgettable dishes appreciated by both adults and children: this is the squid, a mollusc which in some parts of Italy is also called by the name of inkwell fish, due to the presence inside its body of a significant quantity of purplish-black ink, which depending on its freshness, is more or less visible when purchased. Squid is particularly popular for the preparation of salads and fried foods, where the mollusc itself gives its best, with its unmistakable taste.

Use in cooking

Among the various molluscs, squid are eaten in salads, or even stewed, stuffed and, to the delight of all gluttons, even fried.


Calamari must usually be consumed within two days of purchase: storage takes place in the refrigerator.


In some Italian regions, the name of the squid is accompanied, depending on the dialects, by that of calamaio: this is due to the richness of ink of this mollusc.

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