Cherries are among the most delicious fruits, as the saying goes according to which one cherry leads to another: and there could be nothing more, considering how the pulp of the latter, especially in those darker varieties, is a concentrate irresistible sweetness, which among other things has a very positive influence on human health, considering how vitamins A, C and flavonoids are the basis of the prevention of cell aging and the onset of diseases related to the cardiovascular system, thanks to the ability to literally destroy the cholesterol accumulated in the blood.

Use in cooking

Cherries can be enjoyed in many different ways: as fresh fruit, in ice cream, puddings, or even in various types of cakes and even precious liqueurs, such as Kirsch.


Cherries can be stored in the refrigerator, away from strong odors, and above all in breathable containers for a couple of days. Alternatively, they can be frozen, although in this case future consumption must take place after cooking.


Over the last few years, studies conducted in the USA on rats - which have a genetic heritage similar to that of humans - have shown that cherries strongly combat diabetes 2 and heart disease.

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