Cherry sorbet

The warm weather makes you want spend more and more time in the open air, and why shouldn’t it prompt us to prepare some fresh and cooling recipes, light but without compromising the taste of our favourite dishes in any way, just adding a more summery slant. To make the most of the freshness and good taste of a seasonal fruit like cherry, we offer a recipe for a lovely sorbet, always the best dessert to end a beautiful summer dinner. And you can be sure that you will amaze everyone sharing your meal, large and small. The cherry sorbet, in fact, is as irresistible as the fruit itself: an Italian proverb has it that one cherry leads to another, and this is especially true for this wonderful dessert


  • cherries 300 grams
  • sugar 200 grams
  • lemon The juice of 1 lemon
  • water 500 millilitres
40 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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Blend the stoned cherries with the juice of 1 lemon. Make a syrup with 500 ml of water and sugar. Stir the cherry mixture into the sugar syrup once it has cooled. Pour the resulting mixture into an ice-cream maker. Thicken the mixture for 30 minutes in the ice-cream maker, then serve.

To get an amazing result, especially in its texture, don’t forget to keep your cherries cool before using.
The sorbet - in its many flavours - is a specialty that is native to Latin or Greek civilizations, a perfect end to a special lunch.

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