Cherry liqueur

This cherry liqueur is a delicious fruit-based alcoholic cordial which will undoubtedly appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Its flavour is in no way aggressive and the addition of Primitivo wine makes it particularly delicate and fragrant. Be sure to choose mature, juicy cherries so that the alcohol infusion is easier to obtain and more intensely flavoured. And don't forget: be patient. Wait at least three weeks or even a month before straining the infusion, and wait another month before you serve it.


60 minutes Total time
Serves 10 persons
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Wash and remove the stones from the cherries. Leave to infuse in the alcohol for three weeks, shaking the container regularly. After three weeks, make the syrup by heating the water and sugar. Let it cool. Strain the alcohol infusion and pour it into a jug - throw the cherries away. Add a full glass of red wine to the cherry-flavoured alcohol - a sweet Primitivo will go well - and then add the syrup. Mix well, bottle and store somewhere cool for a month before serving.

You can substitute another wine for the Primitivo, but make sure it's both delicate and naturally sweet.
The famous Spanish Jerez is not a cherry liqueur, but a fortified wine. Maraschino liqueur - of Dalmatian origin - is, on the other hand, obtained from marasca or morello cherries.

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