coppery tomatoes

Among the different varieties of tomatoes, the copper ones differ from the others due to the fact that they lend themselves to being eaten in many different ways, starting from cold preparations, with salads and bruschettas which triumph over everything, then moving on to the seasoning for tasty first and second courses. Generally speaking, the main varieties of copper tomatoes are mainly characterized by their small size, as in the case of the cherry type, as are the Piccadilly, the Camone, the Datterini, the Vesuvio and the Cencara, to which must also be added the Tondi ones.

Use in cooking

Copper tomatoes are very versatile: they can be used to prepare salads, to season bruschetta, as well as to cook tasty sauces for authentic first courses.


Tomatoes can be stored for a couple of days in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator, preferably in a breathable bag.


Imported into Europe from the New Continent, the tomato was used to decorate gardens, rather than being eaten regularly.

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