Tagliatelle with tomato, courgette and rocket pesto sauce

Italian cuisine is rich in recipes quite different one from another because of the variety of landscapes and regional climates, and which favour the use of ingredients which in many cases came from other parts of the world, with the resulting variety of flavours, aromas and colours being ideal for healthy eating. Today we offer something especially tasty for a pasta course - in Italy known as a ‘first course’ and usually the real star of Italian cuisine - that this time will make use of all the charm of spring ingredients such as tomato, courgette and an unusual but pleasantly tempting rocket pesto. Buy your ingredients and follow our advice carefully when making this recipe: your passion and love will do the rest, that is to say, for those who sit around your dining table with you.


20 minutes Total time
Serves 2 persons
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Cut the courgettes into julienne strips. Make the pesto by blitzing the rocket, olive oil, chives and spring onion together with a hand blender. Prepare the fresh tomato sauce: make a X on the bottom of the tomatoes and blanch them in the pasta water for 1 minute. When you take them out of the water they will peel very easily. Cut the tomatoes into large cubes and sauté in a pan over high heat. Thanks to the fresh tomatoes used in this sauce, rather than the processed alternative, this tomato and rocket pesto sauce will be deliciously healthy! When the tomatoes are almost completely softened, add the courgettes and salt and a pinch of sugar. Add the cooked pasta to the sauce in the pan and serve with the rocket pesto and a little grated pecorino romano cheese. Your pasta with tomato and rocket pesto is ready!

To really get the most from your plate of pasta with tomato and courgettes with rocket pesto, you should accompany it with a glass of Pinot Grigio.
Today’s recipe, a lovely tagliatelle with tomato and courgettes with rocket pesto, is originally from the central Italian region of Marche.

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