Caprese salad

When summer with its warmth is felt, winning the hearts and minds of all of us, can not you do not want to come here to eat something delicate and pleasant, that we nourish in a balanced and delicious, to stay in shape without that the heat takes possession of our days. That's why today we have for you a kindness as the caprese salad, which tells us how the same name, a typical dish of the island of Capri. The whole island cuisine protagonists tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and the fish (even if we do not find in this recipe): these are the most available ingredients on the island which, if processed properly, can give birth to a myriad colorful and tasty recipes. To prepare this excellent caprese salad will suffice fact tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, good olive oil, fresh basil, salt and, if you like, oregano. And if you're going to go to the beach or as you prepare for a day on the boat, you can also realize the caprese sandwich, putting it all in a nice fresh bun.


10 minutes Total time
Serves 2 persons
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This delicious salad can be a first course, a second or a tasty one-dish. Choose round tomatoes large to slice it lengthwise so that the slices of tomato are almost equal to those of the mozzarella. On a serving dish alternating a slice of tomato and mozzarella on a slightly leaning first, climbing, and so on: all over shedding leaves of basil whole or cut into strips. At the table each Condir this salad with olive oil and salt to taste. more simple variation: cut both the mozzarella that the diced tomatoes and season the salad in a serving bowl. Serve with plenty of fresh chopped basil. As an alternative to buffalo mozzarella you can use the classic mozzarella from cow's milk.

If you really want to taste the original recipe insalata caprese, during the preparation, you will not have to miss a touch of fresh and tasty oregano.
As the name suggests, the caprese salad a specialty homonymous bell island: the original recipe, after all, fishing with both hands from the best ingredients of this land, starting by the excellent buffalo mozzarella.

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