The orange is a citrus fruit that recalls the winter season, in particular Christmas: with its intense colour, its strong taste and very pleasant aroma, this fruit can be enjoyed in many different ways, for example, squeezing it to drink a juice rich in energy and flavour, as indeed, can be inserted into cakes of all types to give an extra nuance, or again, to enrich meat-based main courses, transforming them into succulent recipes. In some regional cuisines, orange is also found as an ingredient in salads or in sweet and sour dishes.

Use in cooking

Oranges can be used in many different ways: the first and most common is to obtain good juice with lots of pulp, using a citrus juicer. But this fruit is also suitable for creating delicious desserts, as well as unusual and tasty first and second courses.


To avoid the risk of ruining the oranges, you can store them in the vegetable drawer in special bags, or alternatively, you can leave them in a fruit bowl, but away from heat.


Although you might think otherwise, in reality, the highest concentration of vitamin C in this fruit is found in the albedo.

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