One thing we should never be without if you want to throw a decent party is wine: a precious accompaniment to every type of meal. Healthy if consumed in moderation, wine goes with appetizers, entrees, pasta and meat dishes, and even fruit and pastries. And where might we take you today if not to one of the Mediterranean countries where the desire to party and drink wine is quite out of the ordinary? It’s Spain and the drink is Sangria. The name of this specialty made from wine and fruit comes from the ‘sangre’, which in the Iberian language means blood, an apt name considering the colour of this refreshing drink. Are you ready to give a boost to your celebrations with a lovely glass of fresh and invigorating Sangria?


10 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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This drink is light and cheerful, and very easy to make! Wash and cut the fruit like this: slice the oranges, dice the apples, slice the peaches, halve the grapes. In a jug or a bowl, combine the wine, the orange juice and sugar, then the fruit and spices and leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 1 hour. When it is ready, serve with lots of ice!

Sangria is perfect ready only when the fruit - which must not be overly mature - remains immersed in the wine for at least four hours.
Sangria - whose name is derived from ‘sangre’ i.e. blood - does not exist only in the "red" form but is also available with sparkling white wine in a Catalan variant.

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