Marinaded trout with citrus fruits and herbs

It is always a good idea to introduce a dinner party with a touch of imagination, right from the very moment in which you share a cool and inviting aperitif in the company of your friends, especially if it is accompanied by a few snacks or a lovely starter. We have chosen a delicious, fresh trout, a freshwater fish that is distinguished by its remarkable nutritional properties, as well as for its delicate flavour and versatility in how you can prepare it. One unusual method is to use it to make a lovely carpaccio-style dish, uncooked but marinaded in citrus juice. To enrich the flavour of our delicious trout we have added some citrus zest and juice, and fragrant herbs, which together result in a top notch starter - second to none. There is nothing left to do but invite your guests for a superb fish dinner: spoil them with lots of courses rich in imagination.


  • trout 500 grams
  • clementine Juice of a clementine
  • oranges Juice of half an orange
  • lemon Juice of half a lemon
  • chives
  • mint
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt

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20 minutes Total time
Serves 2 persons
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Fillet the trout and removing every bone with tweezers. With a suitable knife (for example, one used for preparing sashimi), cut the trout flesh into thin slices, also removing the skin. Chop the leftovers finely in the style of a ‘tartare’. Arrange the slices of trout on a plate in a radial pattern and put the tartare in the centre. Chop the mint and chives and sprinkle over the dish. Grate a little citrus fruit zest onto the dish and add a little salt. Squeeze the juice of the citrus fruits and drizzle over with a spoon, then add a little extra virgin olive oil and serve after letting it stand for 5 minutes.

This appetizer goes very well with a good glass of white wine from Trentino, such as a Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio.
Although we are probably used to thinking of trout as a freshwater fish, in fact there are also some species that live in sea water.

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