Peaches are among the most popular summer fruits, thanks to their delicate aroma and the sweet flavor of the pulp, and their ripening generally occurs in a period that includes the months of May and October, between early and late varieties , as for example, is the case of peaches from Leonforte, in Sicily. Peaches are also characterized by the fact that they contain a good quantity of fibre, to which vitamin C, potassium and even beta carotene are added, as well as a considerable quantity of water which makes them particularly ideal for those diets in which it is important to keep the calorie intake.

Use in cooking

Peaches are used both to prepare simple desserts: they can be enjoyed fresh, as indeed, in wine, cakes or in clafoutis.


When they are ripe, peaches can be kept in the fridge for five days: if they are unripe, however, they can be kept at room temperature.


Among the various existing varieties, those from Leonforte (in Sicily) are wrapped in special paper when still unripe, so that they can ripen for a long time without pesticides.

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