Although pimienton originates mainly from Jamaica - it is in fact called Jamaican pepper - in reality, the production of the latter also takes place in other Central American countries, among which the most famous is certainly Mexico. Pimienton is very useful for giving a stronger and more pleasant flavor to meats, especially those subjected to drying or smoking. Pimienton is obtained by drying the fruits of Pimenta dioica, a plant that is related to myrtle no less: the name of this spice derives from the fact that, initially, in Spain pimienton was confused with pepper (precisely called pimenta) .

Use in cooking

In principle, Jamaican pepper is used in Jamaican cuisine to obtain excellent spiced meats, as well as to create a special brine.


The preservation of Jamaican pepper must generally take place inside well-sealed containers, which, in turn, must be stored in a cool, dry and dark environment.


The arrival of Jamaican pepper in Europe is due to the explorer Christopher Columbus who, fascinated by this plant, decided to bring it to the Old Continent.

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