Valdostana fondue

From the cuisine of the mountains we bring you a particularly tasty dish: it’s something which is widely made in France, Switzerland and Italy, with a strong taste and, above all, with a high caloric intake perfect for facing the coldest winter nights. We refer to fondue, a famous cheese recipe particularly widespread and appreciated in the Italian Alps. Its origins are to be found in Val D'Aosta where you find the Valdostan fondue, prepared with fontina cheese. However, the Swiss also have a very strong connection with this invigorating dish, which over the border is usually served with boiling black tea, while in Piedmont it is offered as a starter for a larger meal at lunch or dinner. Whatever its origins, do try to make a fondue and follow the recipe devised by our chef. The results are guaranteed!


30 minutes Total time
20 minutes Active time
Serves 5 persons
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In a food processor, finely chop the cubed cheese. Then mix In the spices, cornflour, wine and Armagnac and in a non-stick saucepan slowly dissolve the mixture, stirring constantly with a whisk. After a few minutes the cheese will begin to melt - continue stirring. At this point you should continue to mix until the wine and cheese is properly amalgamated and the cornflour holds the two together. When the mixture is smooth and liquid enough, pour into a special fondue pot and keep it warm with the fondue pot’s own flame on the dining table. Eat it with little cubes of bread dipped inside.

As you make your Valdostana fondue, pay attention to one very important aspect: the cheese must not be heated to temperatures that go above 70 degrees.
The origin of the fondue is disputed between the territories that are on the border between France, Switzerland and Italy: it is still difficult to determine the region in which fondue was first made.

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