potato starch

Potato starch, in some ways, could be a bit reminiscent of cornstarch: tasteless and particularly malleable, potato starch lends itself perfectly to the preparation of cakes and desserts, even if it makes a notable contribution to creating excellent sauces. Furthermore, potato starch is highly appreciated and used to make all those recipes in which great care must be taken to ensure that no lumps form in the dough.

Use in cooking

Although it is mainly used to prepare desserts, also thanks to its consistency and absence of flavour, potato starch is also used in focaccias and a large number of sauces.


You must pay attention to how you store potato starch: it is not enough to store it in a cool, dry place, but rather, it must be in a jar protected from odors of other products.


In the past, potato starch also found applications outside the culinary field, with the Lumière brothers using it for photography.

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