A true classic of Italian cuisine such as the Milanese Christmas dessert par excellence, panettone, could not be prepared without using raisins: but how do you obtain the latter? Very dark in colour, shriveled and particularly sweet, raisins - or raisins or sultanas - are produced by drying the berries of the sultana varieties, which are also accompanied by Moscato and Malaga. Raisins are very nutritious and, in addition to being used to prepare desserts, they also pair well with cereals, or with salads and dishes with meat and fish.

Use in cooking

Raisins can be used mainly to make desserts from various popular regional Italian traditions, such as in panettone, or even in fish-based dishes such as cod.


It is not difficult to store sultanas correctly: inside their packaging, they can be stored in a cool, dry place.


To make raisins, also known as raisins or sultanas, you need to choose grapes from the sultana, Malaga or Moscato varieties.

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