One of the most common and available vegetables in the world is without a doubt the salad: present on all tables, this vegetable is appreciated mainly for its purifying virtues, which make it an absolute protagonist, especially indoors. of the Mediterranean diet. Furthermore, the salad, especially in the lunches that are part of traditional celebrations, has a slightly different role, as for example with the inevitable reinforcement salad where the cauliflower particularly triumphs. Furthermore, salad is never missing from the tables during the summer season: the latter, in fact, is preferred for its freshness and lightness.

Use in cooking

Salad is the symbol of the Mediterranean diet, fresh, healthy and balanced, perfect for staying fit without effort: in the kitchen, the latter is used both to prepare appetizers and side dishes.


The ideal place to store the salad is undoubtedly in the special drawer in the refrigerators, where it can be kept for a couple of days.


According to some historians, the origin of the salad is to be found in distant and cold Siberia, and it became extremely popular starting from Ancient Rome.

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