Caesar salad

Caesar Salad is renowned the world over but invented by an Italian chef, Caesar Cardini, who had emigrated to Mexico in the immediate post-war period. It appears that the salad is the result of its inventor’s desire to combine cleverly Italian flavours - such as extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese - to those more typically Anglo-Saxon – such as Worcestershire sauce. Another legendary version of its origin suggests it is the result of a kind of "culinary experiment" that the Italian chef reluctantly had to make, finding the restaurant full of customers and the pantry empty. Whatever the true story, Caesar Salad has since come a long way, evolving and sometimes undergoing customization and the introduction of new ingredients. To prepare the salad properly, you should make our Caesar salad sauce first, closely following each step required by our recipe.


  • salad 150 grams
  • bread 100 grams
  • chicken breast 200 grams
  • caesar salad sauce 50 millilitres

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15 minutes Total time
10 minutes Active time
Serves 1 person
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Prepare the Caesar salad sauce following our basic recipe. Prepare some small cubes of bread and fry them in a pan with a little oil flavoured with garlic. Grill a chicken breast and cut into slices. In a bowl, arrange the salad leaves you prefer, the pieces of chicken breast, the croutons and drizzle over the sauce.

You can make your Caesar Salad even more flavourful by adding a really top quality Parmesan or, alternatively, Pecorino Romano cheese.
The origins of Caesar Salad are to be found in Mexico - more precisely in Tijuana, where the Italian chef Caesar Cardini moved after living in San Diego.

Step by step

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