Yogurt is one of the healthiest and most ideal foods for keeping the intestine healthy, considering how its acidity has a healing function on the intestinal flora. Placed halfway between milk and cheese, yogurt is an important ally for intestinal regularity, and is above all indicated for the diet of the little ones, especially in the whole white variety, although the latter is generally preferred the lean white one or, alternatively, that of yogurt with fruit, since the taste of the latter is certainly more inviting than the former.

Use in cooking

For this product derived from milk, there are many ways of using it: in addition to eating it simply without anything else, or in combination with a banana, it can become an excellent ingredient for preparing cakes, or even sauces for first or second courses, especially in salads.


There are two storage options for yogurt: on the one hand, the classic one in the fridge, for about two weeks, and the other in the freezer, where this product lasts for a month. To defrost it, however, you must first place it in the fridge, and never directly at room temperature.


In principle, each yogurt is characterized by its notable richness in proteins, despite being low-calorie.

Recipe list