Italian Coffee granita

The Arabs were the first to cultivate and trade coffee, even if we have to wait until 17th century to see this delicious beverage in Europe. Merchants and travellers to the Near East brought it back in Europe, where it became immediately popular. Far before than the 17th century, anyway, coffee was called by the Arabs "the wine of Islam".


  • coffee 500 millilitres
  • waterfall 500 millilitres
  • sugar 200 grams
240 minutes Total time
Serves 5 persons
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Make half a litre of espresso coffee. Heat half a litre of water, then add sugar. Mix water and coffee. Leave in the freezer for one hour and a half, then break the first ice flakes whisking well. Put again your mixture in the freezer, whisking every 40 minutes. After some hours, and before serving, leave your granita at room temperature for a couple of minutes.

Choose a stainless steel tin for your Italian coffee granita, so it will cool more quickly!
In Italy you can find easily find people selling granita, made by mixing ice and syrups.

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