Asparagus is one of the symbols of summer, of which there are mainly three varieties distinguished by the color white, purple or green: in reality, then, beyond the cultivated ones, there are others that grow spontaneously, which are essentially recognized by the taste is certainly more decisive. Ingredient for the preparation of a large number of dishes such as omelettes, soups, combined with eggs and, moreover, also in tasty and delicious risottos. In asparagus there are vitamins, A, B, C, numerous minerals and also several amino acids.

Use in cooking

Asparagus can be prepared accompanied with eggs, as is the case, they are perfect for enriching omelettes or first courses, especially risottos.


In addition to being able to be stored for a few days in the fridge drawer, if wrapped with a damp cloth, asparagus can be kept soaking in water for about a day.


Asparagus is a panacea for the intestine, considering that it is rich in fiber which is ideal for regulating intestinal activity.

Recipe list