Asparagus and shrims pappardelle

Give a touch of colour and taste to your lunch, and offer your guests something different! Mix fish and vegetables ingredients and enjoy the seasonal products that are now blossoming after a long winter! With a few simple ingredients and in a very short time, you will be able to obtain a great first course for you and your family.


30 minutes Total time
25 minutes Active time
Serves 4 persons
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Peel and devein shrimps. Wash the asparagus, trim off any woody roots and slice them. Stir fry the garlic clove in a casserole add the asparagus keeping the tips aside and cook on a high heat for 10 minutes with a lid. Add the baby tomatoes cut in half and the asparagus tips. Cook for 10 more minutes, then add the shrimps, add salt if needed and cook 5 more minutes. Place your pasta in a large saucepan with boiling water and cook it until al dente. Drain the pasta when done, and mix it with the shrimps and asparagus sauce. What a wonderful spring treat!

To make your pappardelle even more rich, use butter or cream instead of extravirgin olive oil.
Which is your favourite asparagus? There are 3 different species of asparagus, white, green and purple. Choose your favourite one and personalize your dish according to your taste!

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