Brie and asparagus risotto

The asparagus season has started! We can now indulge ourselves by cooking them in the way we like best. In the market you should find three types of asparagus: white, green and purple. The white and purple ones should be peeled, while the green ones are usually thinner and more tender. There is also a slight difference in taste: the white asparagus are the only ones that grow underground and have a particularly delicate taste. In contrast, the green and purple asparagus have a more intense flavour and aroma, as they both grow above ground in the sun. This risotto is made with both white and green asparagus. In addition, we have given the risotto even more sweetness and creaminess by adding some brie. A few blanched asparagus tips finish off this work of art, providing additional flavour and also a pleasant visual effect.


  • asparagus 4 big white asparagus shoots
  • asparagus 6 green asparagus shoots
  • rice Vialone nano variety
  • onions ¼ spring onion
  • carrots Little
  • butter Butter for whisking in
  • Brie Brie for whisking in
30 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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Clean the asparagus, cut off their tips and set aside. Cut the asparagus stalks into large cubes, and then finely dice the carrot and onion. Sauté the asparagus, carrot and onion, adding a little salt and a dash of white wine. Meanwhile, boil the asparagus tips in a little salted water for a few minutes and then place them in cold water to soak. Once the base of veg is ready, remove them from the pan, add more oil and add the rice. When it is hot, pour in the white wine and let it reduce, then add the asparagus and veg mixture and hot water to cover. This is the time to adjust definitively for salt: it is up to you whether it will be right or a disaster! Continue cooking over low heat, stirring constantly and adding water occasionally until the rice has reached the desired consistency. Turn off the heat, add plenty of butter and stir vigorously, then add brie and stir again. You should get a very creamy risotto. Serve centrally on large plate adding the asparagus tips cooked separately, and sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper.

As with artichokes, to keep asparagus fresh for longer we recommend immersing them in a pot with water, just as if they were flowers.
Before cooking the asparagus, peel them and private remove the tougher parts of the stem. You can then cook them in boiling salted water or steam them. If you have a special pan for cooking asparagus, even better: this utensil allows you to cook the stems in water whilst steaming the tips.

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