Beer is a true queen of the summer, highly coveted as it is believed to be very refreshing on the hottest days, partly also due to the low alcohol content, which generally varies between 1.5 and just above 5 degrees. Although it is believed that it was produced for the first time around 7000 BC, in reality, the first certain traces, at least from the point of view of chemical production, can be dated around 3500 BC. There are many different types of beer, starting from those characterized by a light color, called light ones, then passing through red and dark ones: we must not forget that there are non-alcoholic and double malt beers, one at the opposite end of the other in terms of alcohol content.

Use in cooking

In addition to being drunk especially fresh during the summer, beer can be used to prepare excellent first and second courses, including rice, meat and fish.


Beer must generally be stored in a cool place and, above all, away from sunlight: if they are closed with cork, they must be stored horizontally.


Beer is one of the oldest alcohols in the world, of which there is first certain information around 3500 BC, although it is believed to be much older.

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