Creamed cheese with Armagnac

This is a very simple recipe and very quick to make - although it requires a certain deftness of touch. It’s original and tasty, perfect to prepare in advance and store in a jar waiting for a picnic, the arrival of unexpected guests or just something to pick at when you’re peckish between meals! It’s cream cheese with Armagnac, to spread on toasted bread, crackers or breadsticks, to serve as an appetizer, on pasta, or to use as a side dish for grilled meat, vegetable soufflé, flan and omelettes! The recipe is accompanied by step-by-step photos and a video showing the various stages of preparation. You will easily be able to create your own flawless version to serve to your guests or to eat with your family.


140 minutes Total time
Serves 4 persons
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Cut the cheese into pieces. Blend the cheese with the beer using an electric hand blender. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Add the Armagnac and let rest in refrigerator for another hour. You can serve the creamed cheese on toasted bread.

You can flavour the cream cheese with your favourite spices - such as white pepper, black pepper and nutmeg - to give it a touch more style!
This recipe uses the famous French Armagnac brandy which is considered, along with Cognac, the oldest brandy in the whole of Europe. By the Middle Ages we have evidence of its first use.

Step by step

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