Sodium bicarbonate is one of the protagonists of the kitchen and, above all, it best represents the synthesis of the wit of our grandparents: the same, in fact, can be used to digest in place of many tablets and other amenities, after which it can be used to carefully clean fruit and vegetables and, finally, it is also perfect for making delicious dessert recipes without having to use yeast in the dough. In addition to this, baking soda is also used in case of colds to cure those small seasonal ailments.

Use in cooking

There are various uses of bicarbonate in the kitchen: firstly, it is used by many people at the end of a meal as a eupeptic, or alternatively, to rinse fruit and vegetables, as well as a leavening agent for preparing desserts.


Storing sodium bicarbonate is not difficult: just pay attention to the fact that the container is placed in a dark and moisture-free place.


According to a study carried out in the United States, sodium bicarbonate - in addition to being perfect for treating flu - would also be ideal for treating some forms of cancer, thanks to its ability to influence the acidity of the blood.

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