Red velvet pancakes

Are you getting ready to spend a lovely Valentine's Day in the company of the most important person in your life, and yet you haven’t decided how to celebrate the day with a gorgeous dessert, one which takes the breath away and makes your mouth water, just as it should between true lovers? Well, today we are suggesting something really different for Valentine's Day, namely red velvet pancakes with their enticing and vivid colour perfectly in tune with the passion and feeling of this special day. Originating in the United States, red velvet pancakes make their contribution to a unique dinner with your loved one, especially if you can combine this dessert with the right delicate wine. Take careful note of all the stages of our recipe and give the best of yourself: love is the most precious ingredient that must not be left out!



15 minutes Total time
15 minutes Active time
Serves 3 persons
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Sift the flour into a bowl and add the baking powder and bicarbonate of soda. Then add the salt and sugar. Melt the butter in a bain marie. Add the egg, milk and melted butter to the other ingredients, whisking until the mixture is smooth. Add the red food colouring and mix well. Then let it rest for half an hour at room temperature. Heat a non-stick frying pan over a low heat and add two tablespoons of batter to the pan without touching the pan to form two circular pancakes. After a while they will form small holes in the surface and the pancake will begin to solidify. Turn the pancake over to cook the other side. With the remaining mixture make more pancakes in the same way. Prepare the cream cheese: beat the cheese until creamy, add the icing sugar, stirring constantly, and finally add the cream. Whisk everything together until you have firm, smooth paste. Stack the pancakes one on top of the other (you decide how many you would like for each person) and add the whipped cream to the top. Finally, pour plenty of maple syrup over everything.

To make your red velvet pancakes softer, avoid mixing the batter too much: it should in fact be a bit grainy.
The red velvet pancakes are tasty treats from the United States which, increasingly, are becoming stand out specialties for Valentine's Day.

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