Cabbage, scientifically called Brassica oleracea L. capitata variety, is a vegetable that can be harvested practically throughout the year, starting from spring and summer, when the early variety is harvested, up to the typical of autumn and winter, which is instead late. Cabbage can generally be distinguished by its leaves which, on the external surface, are particularly smooth: the smaller leaves are therefore surrounded by the large ones, creating a head-shaped shape, from which the name hood derives.

Use in cooking

It is not difficult to prepare cabbage: it can be eaten raw, as it can be cooked in many different ways, including steaming and pan-fried.


Cabbage lasts a couple of weeks in the refrigerator if wrapped in breathable plastic, although alternatively you can freeze it or store it after slicing it.


Cabbage was already the protagonist of Greek and Roman celebrations, and the latter was recognized as having a positive effect on the absorption of alcohol.

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