Cauliflower is a vegetable native to the lands of Asia Minor and, according to several historians, it was brought to our country through Venice's commercial trade with the East, and in particular, according to some archaeological studies it would seem that this vegetable had already spread to Egypt about four centuries before Christ. There are different varieties of cauliflower, among which the most famous are the Roman one, the Macerata one, the Jesi one, the Tuscan one and a long series of very early, early, winter and late varieties. Cauliflower has a very important role in the kitchen thanks to its well-known anti-tumor properties, particularly due to the high concentration of menoterpenes.

Use in cooking

Among the various preparations of cauliflower in the kitchen, there are those that involve its cold consumption, such as in salads, as indeed, when cooked it can be a delicious ingredient for preparing pasta first courses, or even savory pies.


You can store cauliflower in different ways: if raw, for a week in the refrigerator, if cooked, for a couple of days in a tightly closed container or, alternatively, it can be frozen for months.


Cauliflower is particularly rich in vitamins A and C, and is particularly ideal for feeding anaemics.

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