Pasta with broccoli sauce

While in many cases the deliciousness of a recipe rarely coincides with it also being healthy, today we are going to debunk this myth by offering something where taste and health go hand in hand. Today’s recipe combines broccoli and romanesco cauliflower with pasta, providing a lively dish where taste is certainly not lacking thanks to the olives and anchovies which blend perfectly with the healthiness of the romanesco, for a pasta course that goes beyond the ordinary. Just be careful not to exceed the quantity of the ingredients, especially if you have young children eating with you: the chilli, for example, will have to be added with care so as not to put them off, thwarting your efforts to get them eating vegetables.


  • broccoli 300 grams Fresh
  • cauliflower 300 grams Romanesco
  • anchovies 5 anchovies
  • garlic 1 clove
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • black olives A handful of Greek black olives
  • chilli To taste, according to how hot you like it
  • short pasta 300 grams Pipe or conchiglie shapes
45 minutes Total time
30 minutes Active time
Serves 3 persons
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Prepare the vegetables, removing outer leaves and the stem and divide into florets, then add to salted water to boil for a few minutes. The romanesco and broccoli should not disintegrate: all the florets should remain intact. When the vegetables are ready, drain and set aside in a colander. Then take a pan and brown the garlic in a little olive oil. Add the anchovies and let them dissolve thoroughly, then add the sliced chilli, as much as you prefer depending your heat tolerance. Now add the pitted black olives, chopped into small pieces. Then add the broccoli and Romanesco cauliflower and stir gently. Let it absorb the flavours for five minutes with the heat on low. Separately, cook the pasta and when ready drain and combine with the sauce. Serve hot.

If you can’t find Romanesco cauliflower, you may use a normal white one: but if it’s a very large one, bear in mind that half will be enough.
The origin of the recipe for pasta with broccoli is to be found in the Italian South and, in particular, in the Puglia and Calabria regions.

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